Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great time of year

Shortly it will be time for our yearly Shrine Circus.

This is a time that I enjoy almost as much as Christmas.

Could this be because I am just a big kid at heart.--Duh

Last year for the first time, I was able to take off from work and work the early Friday morning performance.This free for the disadvantaged kids for the Tarrant county area.Lots of fun for kids that do not get do much of this type of stuff. Smiles every where, some on kids,mostly on Shriners. We party hard but work hard for the kids.

Pictures will come.

If you are in town Oct.9th-16th, come take in our show.

Till next time------------------Poohpa

1 comment:

  1. That's a wonderful thing you Shriners do for those kids...I commend you all for your hard word and dedication. It helps to be a 'big kid' at heart Tee...I'm one too; and I don't think it would hurt to have more of us.