Monday, September 20, 2010


My almost new BFF,Joy the Internet queen,a few weeks ago posted on her blog about some one who hit her car.She had just gotten it fixed from being hit at the mall.I felt sorry for her. When a person cares and loves their car,it really hurts them.

This brings me to my latest rant.What has happened to common since?People just don't give a damn any more!

This brings me to more things that piss me off.

Turds that do not pull over until the last 20 ft, when the lane ends.

Turds that cannot park in a space straight.Park it right dumb ass,the next person has a hard time getting in or out without hitting another car.

Turds that play their radio so loud that you can feel it a block away.

Turds that do not know who has the right of way at a four way stop.

Turds that do not understand what a double white line is for.

Turds in diesel trucks that leave them running when the trucks are not occupied.(the damn things stink and it is against the law--a real state law).
Tiil next time-------Poohpa

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  1. Hey BFF...thanks for the blog love...and the extra dose of compassion; it's awfully nice to get both.

    Your 'turd' list is a good one, and several of them are pet peeves of mine too. The 'not parking straight in a parking spot...CRAP, I hate that. The loud music...another one. The 'white line abuse'...maddening.

    How about people who are on their cell phone like they're lounging around in their living room...not paying a bit of attention to the fact that they're behind the wheel of 'a weapon' that could kill someone? THAT'S my biggest pet peeve...don't even get me started. Or how about the 'turd'(thank you Tee) that is driving so friggin' slow because they're not sure where they're going and are obviously looking for an address or street? CRIPES...pull over and figure it out, and free the line of victims you've backed up in your mission.

    Now, see what you've done Tee? I'm stopping here...

    Thanks again BFF... ~Joy