Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zit Warning

O.K. I have this major zit on the bridge of my nose.The freak'n thing is the size of Mt. Hood. In my defense ,a small blemish on the bridge of the nose, becomes very large because of my CPAP.The mask I wear rubs on any sore and goes nuts if I don't notice it.

Because I am such a studly dude,I get many questions while waiting on my customers.I think when you are so damn good look'n,as I am,you cannot hide it.

As you all know it is hard for me to control my bullshit level.

I have told people-

1. Cut in a knife fight.

2. Blew my nose to hard and a boog blew out the side.

3. Brain surgery through the top of my nose.

4.Was getting my nose pierced and the girl sneezed and missed.

5. The bitch bit me.

6. A nipple ring accident.

If Sondi reads this,I am in deep shit.She does not like people to know about the ring.State law tells me not to tell. But some times a man has to do what man has to do!

If I get the ol' stink eye when I get home I will know.

Pray for me.

Tilll next time----Poohpa


  1. Ethel from GrapevineSeptember 30, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Well, you just make a habit of endangering your life, don't you? I thought the 'nipple ring accident' was pretty funny, but I would be willing to bet YOUR life that Sondi wouldn't! Stay well, my friend, stay well.

  2. Oh, I bet you're probably still 'studly'...even with that GINORMOUS zit. However, all bets are off if Sondi gets at you. ~Joy

    Oh, and you're using up all my extra praying time...Geesh!