Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I am a grouchy old fart,this is a given.We have had cats around our house for almost 20yrs.The cats have been gone for a few years.My wife loved the cats,I on the other hand did not.The cats ruled the house. They never had a job,never worked a day in their lives.I,on the other hand, worked 7 days a week for the last 10 yrs.My wife fed them twice a day for years.She does not even get me a glass of water when she sets the dinner table( most of the time I even cook the dinner).Some thing is wrong with this.
When the last cat (Bailey) she cried for 2wks,no shit 2wks!After working for 41 yrs and 41 yrs of marriage,I would rate 2 or 3 tears,this is also a given.
When the last one passed,I would not let her have another inside animal ,so we now have 2 outside cats. These are fed 3 times a day.This ain't right .They don't even have to do dishes. And you wounder why I am so bitchy.
Tiil next time---------------Poohpa

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