Monday, July 26, 2010

The Ol Stink Eye

A couple of days ago I saw a young man riding a crotch rocket.It is hard for me to remember the time when that was me on the bike.Old school before the crotch rockets were popular with the kids.We rode for about 8yrs with The Cycle Club of Fort Worth.That's right my wife was a biker bitch(we do not call her that for safety reasons).
She was always one of the shortest,but the cutest,women at any club function.She was teased and picked on because of her height,most of the time she took it in stride.I remember one time when a member from another club cornered her and was giving her a hard time.I knew he was in trouble.Before he knew it she had kicked him just above the boot.The poor son of a bitch never knew what hit him until he hit the ground in pure pain.That was the first time I ever saw her use of the stink eye.
The next time was when I called her short ass, this a bad call on my part.I got such a bad case of the ol stink eye that my blood ran cold for two days.I still remember the day, I still get chills to this day.
Till next time----Poohpa

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  1. Being a short person myself and always getting kidded about it from my kids...I can understand having to use the 'ol stink eye. Sondi sounds like she has taken it to the next level, and may very well be 'Queen of the Stink Eye.' The next time she gives it to you, I think you should take a picture and post it so we can really feel your pain...and fear. ~Joy