Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Last night we had some of the kids and grandkids over for chicken fajitas and a good time.We went to the local city fireworks and had a great time for all.
Now for the real reason I am writing. My wife and I just got through eating grilled ribeyes and baked taters Real man food!Along the the meal we also have garlic toast. God knows my wife is a good cook,but she can burn a batch of bread faster than a cat can lick his ass. Black bottom biscuits are her specialty.
She can sit beside the oven and still mess the bread up(I think is really a commie plot). Lord knows I love her but ,what the hell! It ain't brain surgery.
I have done my share of extra well done burgers,but I was distracted (that's my story and I am sticking to it).
As with my brother-in-law,I think I am safe, because she does not read my blog.She think it is silly and a waste of my time. As long as no one(Darlene and Ethel) does not rat me out ,it will be safe to sleep tonight.
Pray for me ,that she will not read this-----Poohpa


  1. Never assume anything; but I hope you're safe.

    I'm definitely saying a little prayer for you tonight...

    "Dear Lord, please don't let Tee's wife read what he's said....or maybe she'll burn a lot more than his bread."

    Happy 4th Tee... ~Joy

  2. Ethel from GrapevineJuly 5, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Well, this rat could be bribed not to tell Sondi about your burning bread comment. What you got? Beware, however. that your burning bread could be come your Burning Bed{channeling Farrah Fawcett}, if Sondi should accidently become aware of your commentary on her culinary expertise with bread. I'm just saying, soooooooooo....what you got?