Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well just a little rant about drivers.
On our trip to Nashville we took a short trip to the Jack Daniels distillery.The drive was about 70 miles from the airport.It was a nice drive, green trees and rolling hills.The homes were just breath taking.
The roads had fairly narrow lanes(nothing like Texas roads but no place is like Texas).As I rounded an inside curve, doing about 60 mph, this butt head was taking his half of the road out of the center.I swear to God he was half way into my lane! We were only about 100ft apart when we saw each other.
I just want to tell you I did pee and crap on myself all at the same time---not. I hope he crapped his pants.
If it had not been for my cat like reflexes and the fact I did not have my head up my butt,we would be a hood ornament for a Ford F-250.
In the process Linda spilled her coke all over her shirt and had to change before the tour.I was the hero for about 3minutes,then I got the stink eye for the shirt.
Not bad for a man with a bad turd/eye injury.
Till next time---Poohpa

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